A new milestone in superhydrophobic and resistant coatings

Surfactis technologies is proud to announce that a new milestone has been reached in the development of superhydrophobic resistant coatings. The latest results show that a single spray of our product results in a surface coating with resistant superhydrophobic properties on a broad range of materials.

This R&D project is performed in collaboration with Plastic Omnium, Mäder and the Laboratoire de Photochimie et d’Ingénierie Macromoléculaires (LPIM, Mulhouse). The program is granted by the Fond Unique Interministériel and the regions Pays de la Loire and Grand Est.

Performances of the coating are :

    • Water contact angle > 150°.
    • Roll-off angle < 10° (angle from the horizontal to let the water drop roll).
    • Resistance to 65 bars water jet pressure for more than 1 minute without degradation.