Liquid repellency

Liquid repellents have many uses in both industrial and end-user environments. Perhaps you are looking for:

  • An anti-soiling finish to keep your painted or varnished surfaces in tip-top condition;
  • An easy-to-clean surface to make washing your mountain bike a breeze;
  • A coating with anti-graffiti or urine-repellent properties to protect your wall, street or vehicle;
  • A product with anti-icing performance to protect outdoor surfaces that can be damaged by the weight of ice;
  • A product that offers water-repellent properties to protect a specific surface from humidity…

A single spray of our hydrophobic or superhydrophobic coatings could be all you need! They can be applied to practically every type of material, including plastic, paint, metal, glass, stone and wood.

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Liquid repellency for avation industry Liquid repellency for subways

Liquid repellency for car industry Liquid repellency for railway industry