Superhydrophobic and transparent coatings

At Surfactis Technologies, we are currently working on the development of transparent superhydrophobic coatings that will impart water-repellent, anti-soiling or self-cleaning properties to transparent surfaces.

water-repellent, anti-soiling or self-cleaning properties to transparent surfaces

The technical challenge this represents must in no way be underestimated. No product on the market today is capable of delivering an easy-to-apply superhydrophobic coating that imparts water repellency without altering the substrate’s optical properties. And yet so many industries are crying out for a solution of this kind, be it for ophthalmic lenses, solar lenses, helmet visors, outdoor cameras or windshields to name but a few.

The superhydrophobic solution we are developing will give end-users the unprecedented opportunity to enjoy outdoor leisure activities to the full without being distracted by rain or snow. It will also be of particular interest to professionals who need to use technical equipment (high pressure water jets, cameras, etc.) in harsh conditions, such as water or mud.

Our easy-to-apply coating is a spray-and-go solution. The superhydrophobic effect it imparts in no way alters the substrate’s visible or IR light transmission properties (haze <1%), whilst delivering outstanding anti-wetting performance.

When sprayed onto a glass slide, its unique properties render the surface superhydrophobic, making it repellent to water and ice whilst nonetheless retaining its transparency as demonstrated in the video below:

The superhydrophobic coating is obtained by using positive surface texturing functionalized with a hydrophobic molecule. Our proprietary formulation combines the perfect particle size with a high-performance mix of solvents and adjuvants. It is designed to be applied as a homogeneous layer on a wide range of transparent materials (glass, plastic).

Superhydrophobic and superoleophobic coatings have numerous applications across a variety of domains, including transparent optical coatings, as their ultra-low surface energy dramatically reduces the adhesion forces of any contaminant or liquid whilst leaving the surface’s appearance unchanged.

transparent optical coatings

Coating Properties:

    • Water Repellency:
        • Water contact angles that exceed 150°
        • Tilt angle < 10°, ensuring water droplets simply roll-off the surface

    • Transparency  
        • 100% transmission in visible and IR wavelengths

    • Moderate mechanical resistance

Our efforts to develop a fully transparent superhydrophobic coating are currently ongoing.

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