DRYSURF, first superhydrophobic and transparent product

December 16th, 2020

Surfactis is very proud to announce that DRYSURF, its superhydrophobic product, is now fully validated. 

DRYSURF is designed to ensure that users of ophthalmic or leisure eyewear will always enjoy perfect vision, even in rain or snow.

DRYSURF allows, by a single spray on surfaces, to obtain a superhydrophobic and transparent coating.  With DRYSURF, even very small droplets of rain or snow roll off the surface without ever wetting it. The surface remains always dry.

DRYSURF is a unique and patented product that brings superhydrophobic properties with a transparent, invisible and ultrathin coating that is functional in less than 5 seconds. Easily removed and reapplied, water repellency is always as efficient as the first time.

The company is currently considering different options to offer DRYSURF on different markets